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When is Cheap Not Necessarily Better?

Written by on August 21, 2020

In the case of web design, cheap is not always better. With today’s economy I can understand the need to hold the reins on a tight budget, especially in the age of the internet where things are constantly changing. However, these fast changes also mean you need to stand out and develop along with it.

If you are putting up a more personal page in order to put publish information for your family and friends, you can probably make due with purchasing a pre-made template or hiring an inexpensive or relatively new to the industry web designer.

If you are a brand, company, individual professional, celebrity or musician your web site plays a large part in your marketing and promotion. You have spent time, money, energy into creating YOU and you should spend the same amount of time, money and energy into creating extensions of yourself on the web. That includes your web site and social media.

“Affordable Web Design”

Many companies will offer “affordable web design” or “create your own” pages. While these solutions can give you a presence on the web, especially if you are just starting out or have a very limited budget. However, at some point, these pages can actually do you harm. When your site does not appear to hit a level of professional standard, your clients or fans could also think that you are either an amateur or even question if you are a legit business.

Many of our clients have taken the long, winding road to get to our doorstep. They started with a pre-made template, designed their site themselves (or their 12 yr old nephew help), and then stepped back and just admired their work. However, while they were busy admiring all their hard work, they missed the fact that their web site was not really working for them. You see, when they went with cheaper they found that while they could make their banner blue, and add a list of links to each page, and add any text to be input via an easy control panel, they wondered why their site did not take on life of its own.

The web is one area where you get what you pay for. You want cheap, you will get on the web but not much more. You may even find middle of the road pricing, you may get a simple, possibly original, design they create the site, hand it over and say good luck with your endeavor. Pay a little extra and get an original, engaging design that promotes you and gives you the beginning of your own identity on the web. And, when you pay a little more, that company or designer will usually go the extra mile and set you up on social media, design it, and help you get started in defining you or your brand to the web.

So when is cheaper better? In this case, it’s not. Whether you run a small business of 1 employee or a large corporation, you are a professional horse equestrian, or a musician in a band you have to decide that when it comes to your identity only the best will do.

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